Decorating for 4th of July

Mac wishes me Happy Birthday and Pearl gives a big smile.

I’m a huge 4th of July person. And part of that is because my birthday is the 5th.

A couple of years ago, when I had more time, I made a bunch of 4th of July party decorations- chair covers, fireplace banner, star “wreath” for our front door, etc. It was fun pulling everything out again this year and since I know some of you out there are always looking for holiday decoration ideas, I thought I’d share. Happy Summer!

4th of July Star “Wreath”
America fireplace banner.
4th of July Chair Covers.
Chair Covers close up.
4th of July Burlap square for table centerpiece.
Pendant bows.
Pendant bows.
Happy 4th!

What’s a cute idea for something simple I could do to add next 4th of July?

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