Girls in Pearls, Guys in Ties Party

The birthday girl at her “Girls in Pearls, Guys in Ties” Birthday Party.

When our daughter Pearl turned one, it only made sense to do a pearl themed birthday party, right? Normally the “Girls in pearls, Guys in ties” theme is a sorority party theme, but hey- it works. We had the kids as well as the adults wear either pearls or ties. Here are some pics- hope they provide some inspiration if you’re thinking of doing a similar theme.

Pearl balloons say: “It’s Party Day!!”

I love these pearl balloons from Shindigz– they have a soft pearl finish that goes perfect with the pearl theme.

A ballon wall made with “pearl” balloons.

Pearl was obviously all decked out in pearls from her head to her toes. Aunt Allie got her the most perfect headband from Wren & Ribbon on Etsy (no longer available but maybe they’d custom make it if you asked) and these most adorable leg warmers (here are some similar). I’m also a sucker for rompers, so my mom got her this one off Zulily.

I knew I had to tie in the guys’ part of the theme (pun intended) 😉 so I stained a couple small pieces of wood I had and made a tie and a pearl necklace from some beads I found at JoAnns and a tie banner from some fabric.

Tie & pearl necklace decor, tie fabric banner and pearl table runner.
Tie banner.

My favorite part was Pearl’s smash cake. We’ve used a local girl who owns Tartelette Bakery for several of the girls’ birthday cakes and they always turn out beautiful. I told her I wanted pink pearls & this is what she did. It was not only beautiful, but it was an orange almond flavor and tasted amazing! Pearl did not disagree!

Pearl Smash Cake.
Cake time!

With some burlap fabric, I sewed and glued some lace and pearl-looking ribbon onto it to fancy things up!

Super easy homemade pearl table runner.

Best of all, some close friends helped me make these pearl cake pops. They were gorgeous and a total show stopper!! We used this pearl color mist over white chocolate so they looked like ACTUAL pearls. So fun.

Pearl cake pops with pearl color finish.

Sweet friends celebrating with us.

Girls in Pearls.
Guys in ties.

Our family- two kids ago.

602100_841344946032_185753850_n (1)
Pearl banner made with burlap and white polka dot fabric.

 My sweet Pearl, the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday, Pearliegirl.


So far we’ve done a lot of parties where we invite the parents to come, too and it’s fun to involve them by having them wear pearls & a tie… or at our donut party, having them all wear sweats/pj’s along with the kids. Have you had any fun ways of involving parents at your parties?

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