Carried Away With Ballons Birthday Party

Have you just had a baby? Are you a tired mama? Are you looking for a super simple birthday party theme? Then, why not balloons? Yes, just balloons. Do you remember that every child LOVES balloons? Period. They love them, that’s all. What you’re imagining- yes. Lots of kids playing with just balloons. It’s the toy that never disappoints.

All you need are three things: invitations, cake and… BA-LOONS.

Can it get more simple than just balloons & cake? I’m not sure it can unless you just throw a cake party- which is also a kind of a good idea, now that I think about it.
My first food dye.
All I ever needed to bake my first fondant cake.
Fondant balloons.
My first cake!!!!
When you say you’re throwing a balloon party, there better be balloons, right?
Consider googling how to make a balloon arch, it’s actually not that difficult. We were pretty proud of ourselves!

So, get carried away, my friends. Because time flies when you’re turning one.

What’s your easy-I-just-had-a-baby-or-don’t-have-the-energy-to-put-much-time-into-this-party-but-still-want-it-to-be-special idea?

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