A Villainous Birthday Bash

I always say every party is my favorite. But for real this time. The Disney villains, people.

The Invite. I wish I printed the invites but realistically, ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m a texter-inviter. I love these little characters- I normally try to not spend money on the invites, but this was $3 well spent on Etsy.


The Music. Never forget the music! Especially when it comes to a Disney party. Nothing puts you in a villainous mood like listening to Cruella Devil & Poor Unfortunate Souls 😉 Follow my Villains Spotify playlist here.

The Cake. If you know me, you know I love to make cakes with my girls. We started last spring because I figured with 4 girls, this would be a helpful lifeskill. Our villains cake was our biggest challenge yet. Far from perfect, but so much fun! From top to bottom: Maleficent, Queen of Hearts, Ursula and Cruella!


Decor. Black, purple, green. Think white roses painted red (queen of hearts reference) with some tissue paper & cardstock to create a magic mirror. And a bunch of pictures you find on google image of villains (search villain minimalist). Also-once again, you know I’m a sucker for a kids party in the garage. Go for it, kids. Spill EVERYWHERE!


The Food. I’m a huge fan of party themes where the food comes to life, so to speak. It makes it fun for the kids and my girls like to help with EVERYTHING. For villains, we did Ursula tentacles, Maleficent brownies, poison apples, puppy chow and “pupcorn.” For drinks- Wishing Well Water and my favorite, Queen Grimhalde’s Drink (aka dry ice & green Hawaiian punch). Click here for my Printable Villain Labels.

Best decision EVER: renting the evil queen costume!

For these, we just bought 2 cans of purple frosting. My girls dipped them in there, added the sprinkles (that came with) and put them on parchment paper. We froze them so (1) they weren’t messy and (2) I like to make most all the food ahead of time.

These were little mini brownies with leftover purple frosting and little chocolate molds I made.

Though the poison apples were pretty much inedible, there were a HUGE hit and the talk of the party. My sister in law helped make them by using this poison apple recipe. They kids thought they were so cool.

IMG_0297 (1).jpg


Please excuse me while I swoon over the dry ice!! I was a little shocked by how well it worked!

The Favors. I ripped the favor tag idea from Pinterest & the girls helped stuff with these Halloween candy.



Games. Bags, Hook Toss, Villain Bingo and a Poison Apple Piñata. With the bags game, I may just paint cardboard for every party now- it’s too easy and provides a little something else for the littles to do.  I stumbled upon this Villains Bingo game, but there were only 8 cards. So, we split the kids up into teams of 3, which worked great. The girls and I made the piñata with a balloon, newspaper & paper mache. My girls are at ages where they like to make things like that it is something fun we can do together where they can contribute and get excited for the party.


Recycled from our Neverland party!


Go June, go!

I pretty much lived my piñata party fantasy where almost every child got to take a turn and then when it broke, it was mayhem. If you knew how poorly constructed the piñata actually was, you’d appreciate this miracle.



Happy Birthday, Juney. We love that you are sassy as a villain, but sweet as a princess.

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