Good Neighbor Award

This week, we started a new annual tradition in our neighborhood: The Good Neighbor Award. It was inspired by a desire to express our appreciation to someone who has served on our HOA board for the last several years, but is moving across town. It was only appropriate that before he heads out, we take the opportunity to honor his hard work.

Since I wasn’t able to find much out there in this realm, I created a template for anyone out there who would like to start this in their neighborhood.

GoodNeighbor Award.png

Good Neighbor Award Template

Our HOA meeting

Next year, I want to post to our Neighborhood Facebook Group with some advance notice (before the spring HOA mtg) and give people the opportunity to nominate others for the award and then vote. I think this takes away the feeling of “politics” that can be associated with something like this and hopefully puts it back in the hands of the neighborhood.

I’m also including what I read about the recipient of the award to cast a better picture of specifically how we thanked him. In addition, we gave him a gift card to Home Depot.

Good Neighbor Award Speech

How have you honored those in your ‘hood who’ve served publicly and/or behind the scenes?




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