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Hi. Welcome to my world. I am a mom of little ones- four little girls in just under five years. My world revolves around sippy cups, exersaucers and wiping little hands. In my “spare time,” I love to decorate, entertain and create. I love halloween costumes, kids’ birthday parties and building a vibrant community in my neighborhood.

I married my crush and worked for 17 years as a spiritual resource to college students through a non-profit organization called Cru at the University of Missouri (aka: Mizzou). It’s been a privilege to introduce young leaders to the most important person of all, Jesus Christ.

Recently my husband & I have made a transition to Cru City, a branch of Cru. In addition to investing in our own neighborhood, we will be writing a neighboring curriculum & offer neighboring classes through our church and eventually at other churches as well, including some other cities. If your church has an interest in bringing us in to speak, please contact us.

Besides my love for college kids & neighboring, I have a heart for women and young moms and want to be an encouragement to “enjoy all things home”- whether that’s in decorating, entertaining, gardening, parenting, cooking, neighboring or something else. Whatever your current season of life, I open my home and heart to you through this blog. Come meet my family, taste our food, get spit up on, sit on our couch and hear how God is sharpening, humbling, inspiring and sustaining this young mom.



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