Books & Bible Studies

Though I love to geek out by vegging on my phone to games like Boom Beach and Candy Crush, I crave the sustenance that comes from reading the Bible and books that will feed and nourish my soul.

And I also love the opportunities I’ve had to facilitate discussions with other women through my job on staff with Cru as well as through our women’s ministry at our local church.

While good, Biblically-based content is key, I have found that the dots connect and true life change happens when the facilitator will ask questions based on content, but that are open-ended, where he/she does not know the answer because the other person is the “expert” on what God is doing with the content in his/her own life. These are answers that do not require a “yes” or “no” but rather a thoughtful, meaningful reflection on how the content is working its way out.

Here’s to lots of life-change ahead.

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