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Why Sabbath Lets Us Stop

For good and for bad, I’m an ambitious person. I come from the mindset: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And I will make a way. As a positive, I’m not easily deterred from my dreams and will really go for it if I want something. But over the years, God has also poked holes in my self-driven viewpoint when things haven’t gone as planned and I haven’t been able to will my way out of my problems. And if I’m honest, I’ve said hurtful things in our marriage that have stemmed from an over-inflated view of the self.

Sabbath is the gift that allows us to rest from the self.

Food in Their Mouths, Fear in Their Hearts

Have you ever felt like you wanted or needed to make a change, but the path of unknowns seemed too daunting, too unknown, too scary? What scares you the most? I have found myself wondering at times, what if people are disappointed in me… Continue Reading “Food in Their Mouths, Fear in Their Hearts”

10 Thoughts on How to Table Talk

This post could also be titled: “Bringing the Real Woman to the Table: Christian Hospitality in the Age of Pinterest.” What is Table Talk? Very simple. It’s an invitation for conversation and a widening of one’s skill sets in your safest space: your home. It’s creating… Continue Reading “10 Thoughts on How to Table Talk”

The Jesse Tree: Best and Most Kid-Friendly Way to Celebrate Advent

Looking for a way to celebrate advent with little ones? This will engage you & your young kids on a whole new level with the true hero of Christmas.

Grace Based Parenting Discussion Questions

If you are looking for a super practical book on do’s & don’ts for disciplining your children, this is not your book. But if you are looking for a bigger parenting vision that will shape those everyday decisions, this is it.

The Grief of a Quiet Conservative

… But as for my friends who identify as Conservatives: Overall silence. Perhaps some are silent Trump supporters. But there’s another type of conservative out there who is quietly scrolling through Facebook, whose heart is heavy and is grieving. Who is deeply disturbed and outright horrified- over what they’ve seen with Donald Trump…. Me. And I can’t be the only one.

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