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The Grief of a Quiet Conservative

… But as for my friends who identify as Conservatives: Overall silence. Perhaps some are silent Trump supporters. But there’s another type of conservative out there who is quietly scrolling through Facebook, whose heart is heavy and is grieving. Who is deeply disturbed and outright horrified- over what they’ve seen with Donald Trump…. Me. And I can’t be the only one.

Practicing Affirmation: Highlights & Discussion Questions

Practicing Affirmation: God-Centered Praise of Those Who Are Not God by: Sam Crabtree Despite the fact that Crabtree can be a little black & white in his communication style at times and you may have to nuance some things, if you can get over… Continue Reading “Practicing Affirmation: Highlights & Discussion Questions”

Carried Away With Ballons Birthday Party

Have you just had a baby? Are you a tired mama? Are you looking for a super simple birthday party theme? Then, why not balloons? Yes, just balloons. Do you remember that every child LOVES balloons? Period. They love them, that’s all. What you’re imagining- yes. Lots of kids playing with just balloons. It’s the toy that never disappoints.

A Darling Neverland Party on a Dime

When Ginger asked for a Neverland party for her & Pearl’s last birthday, I thought “There is no way I can pull this off.” I’m looking at Pinterest and seeing parties I’d die for and it’s probably just me, but I can’t justify selling our TV’s, computers & cars for a party. Sooooooooooo…. yeah. But as we dreamed and brainstormed, we realized there was a lot we could do. And the girls were all eager to help paint, stain, bake, etc! It ended up being one of our favorite parties yet! Hope some of these ideas are helpful to anyone planning Peter Pan on a Budget!

What IS the Disney Summer Mission?

I always kind of giggle sheepishly before answering peoples’ question about where we’re going this summer… “The Disney Summer Mission.” But in addition to our kids getting to meet princesses and Goofy and Donald Duck, the purpose of the Disney Summer Mission is something we can really get behind.

Ain’t No Party Like an Arbor Day Party

Arbor Day is my new favorite holiday. Here’s why: It’s a chance to get outdoors, see my neighbors, get my kids involved in planting some trees and caring for our yard, and it’s a pre-party and greases the wheels for the block party. My husband told me that casting vision to my neighbors for an Arbor Day Party would be as easy as pitching an Encyclopedia party, but on the contrary- people are really excited!

The Sacrifice of Thankfulness: Lessons from Leviticus

“Maybe it costs you taking your fantasies of greener grass captive and laying them on the altar before God, letting discontentment and unnecessary unhappiness die a painful death.”

Holy Groundhog Day: A Friendship with Thankfulness

“The truth is that a friendship with Thankfulness requires a death to a victim mentality. It means the death to have everyone understand how bad the waves of monotony are beating down- how many diapers I’ve changed, how sick my kids are, how long my husband was gone, how bad I think I have it today. It says no to the Woe is Me (aka I’m Alone) campaign, though it tempts so many times…”

Bare Root Trees: It’s a thing.

“I don’t know what’s come over me, but lately all I can think about is Arbor Day. I know. But it’s because I am completely obsessed with trees. My husband refers to me as pacing lioness when I get antsy and start walking back and forth in our family room, looking out different windows to our backyard…”

Protected: We’re Listening Now

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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