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Preschool at Home: 10 tips

Let me begin by saying that I went to preschool when I was two. I think it’s a great thing. We just aren’t doing it. And it’s not that we plan on homeschooling- we don’t. In fact, at this point, feel pretty called &… Continue Reading “Preschool at Home: 10 tips”

Wholesome Baby Food

There have been so many things that have surprised me about myself since becoming a mom. One of those things is how much I’ve enjoyed making the kids’ baby food. I’m no health nut by any means, but it’s nice to know exactly what’s… Continue Reading “Wholesome Baby Food”

Service is Not my Forte.

When I was in college, my mentor Jane gave me some feedback: “You’re good at a lot of things, but service is not your forte.” Ouch. Ever heard the phrase, “Wounds from a friend are better than kisses from an enemy”? Yep, it’s true.  I have… Continue Reading “Service is Not my Forte.”

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