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The Sacrifice of Thankfulness: Lessons from Leviticus

“Maybe it costs you taking your fantasies of greener grass captive and laying them on the altar before God, letting discontentment and unnecessary unhappiness die a painful death.”

Holy Groundhog Day: A Friendship with Thankfulness

“The truth is that a friendship with Thankfulness requires a death to a victim mentality. It means the death to have everyone understand how bad the waves of monotony are beating down- how many diapers I’ve changed, how sick my kids are, how long my husband was gone, how bad I think I have it today. It says no to the Woe is Me (aka I’m Alone) campaign, though it tempts so many times…”

A Food Network Holiday Menu

Turkey…. Mashed Potatoes…. Rolls…. Stuffing… a relatively brown plate, right? If I’m honest, as much as I love the idea of traditional foods of Thanksgiving, loading up on turkey and bread doesn’t exactly make me salivate. For all the time and work it takes to prepare a Thanksgiving… Continue Reading “A Food Network Holiday Menu”

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